Thursday 3rd. July, 2014 – a gentle day in the sunshine 

So here is the summerhouse again, can you spot the difference from the last time? Don’t worry if you can’t – Rachel couldn’t and she was standing right in front of the building. The next picture supplies the answer:

Now we have a weather vane atop the summer house. I was given it by Rachel a number of Christmases ago but I never had anywhere to put it up – until now

Got up and walked Mix before breakfast during which Tom arrived. We decided to erect the weather vane – a nice gentle job for today and then we made plans to start on the Bothy roof on Monday. Mum had friends to visit and we showed them around our part of the farm steading and then Tom and I (with Mix and Rowan in tow) went off to Pearsons for lunch after which we picked up Tom’s trailer and loaded it up with chairs and tables from the church hall which we then took to Clare’s home for the event which she is hosting tomorrow evening. We left the fully laden trailer at Clare’s, I took Tom home and then retired to Mount Pleasant – I didn’t have the dogs to walk because Tom and I had taken them for a wander through Gavinton.

Tom’s trailer is always in use – today it was seats and tables for the Desert Island Disks at which Clare will interview Peter Bailey, the Chief Executive Officer of Crossreach (the Church of Scotland’s Social Work arm). This will be held tomorrow. I am unable to attend but Mum will be there

Back home I tried to book trains for a journey Rachel and I have to make later in the year. It seems I was too precipitate and will have to wait until a bit of time has gone by before I can book anything so far in advance. I also completed a number of internet searches for some of the projects I am working on and soon it was time to return to Clare’s, picking up Tom on the way, so that we could unload and set out the chairs and tables. It is going to look really attractive.

I came home and had supper with Olive, Mum and Digger – Rachel has been missing all day (as you will have guessed from the fact that I had Rowan with me). She has gone to Dunkeld for the day to spend it with Ann, her kilt-making friend. She returned in mid evening. Olive, Mum and Digger have also all been outside for much of the day enjoying the sunshine and working in the garden. My goodness, but we are fortunate with the weather – and still not a midge to be seen.

I spoke to some special friends on the telephone in the evening and then, after catching up with the news, I walked Mix and went to bed.


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