Saturday 9th. August, 2014 – A very relaxed Saturday 

Outside the summer house, this is a line up of my Aunt Margaret and her family with Mum. From the left: Tim, Mum, Aunt Margaret, Robert, Evan, Katie

Really enjoyed my regular Saturday morning sleep in followed by a walk with Mix. I had no plans for today and was determined to exercise these plans rigorously so I retired to the summer house and watched the Test Match on television. It was a grand day with England posting a good total and then bowling India out in the final session of the day. England played magnificently and the only downside of their victory was the injury to Stuart Broad who got the ball between his visor and his helmet while batting. I hope that he recovers quickly – it looked very nasty.

In the middle of the afternoon my Aunt Margaret arrived with her daughter Katie and Katie's husband Tim and two children Evan and Robert. It was good to see them and to show them around. Olive and Digger were not here as they had gone to Edinburgh with their friends to explore the Festival (fringe) city.

In the evening Mum, Rachel and I dined in the Granary and then watched ‘The Big Picnic’ on television. We were particularly interested in seeing it because we were at the production in 1996 in Goven. One of the shipyards had closed and the play was presented in a huge hanger – the audience promenading beside the acting area (unless you were in one of the posh seats and got moved along in front of the action because the seating was on rails). An added point of interest was that one of Rachel’s former students (Gary Bakewell) was starring in the production. It was good, even if television didn’t quite capture the atmosphere of actually being there.

It has been a good day – Rachel and I stood at the gates while our visitors drove out and I said to Rachel, “We really are lucky to live here.” We really are.


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