Thursday 14th. August, 2014 – Working at my desk almost all day 

Mix and I pass up this road several times each day. I never take a picture of the road in this direction – always pointing my camera off to one side or the other, or sometimes in the opposite direction back at the farmhouse itself. But tonight as we walked – it had been wet and it was still a bit duller than usual – I thought how beautiful it is .. and so I took this picture of the beautiful place I have been taking for granted

Up, walked Mix, breakfasted (there were fried potatoes this morning) and then retired to the summer house to try to make sense of this new web-site which Rachel is requiring. Tom arrived. He is still not totally recovered and, with bad weather on the way and his recovery to think of, we contented ourselves with drawing up a programme for the event we are having here on 30th. August in aid of the Church and to open the Loom Room.

Rachel has undertaken to prepare a flier and tickets and once I have that I will record the details in my diary but it sounds like a fun evening. When Tom went home I continued working on Rachel’s web-site, the kind of thing I would love to have tackled when I was working, except that I never had time. I stopped for a pizza at lunch time and then continued throughout the afternoon. While I worked I listened to Durham against Surrey in the one day competition. Durham had a great victory due in no small measure to Paul Collingwood who is enjoying an excellent season.

Olive and Digger took their friends to visit Cranshaws, Abbey St. Bathans and the reservoir at Whiteadder, while Rachel posted off a completed kilt and walked Rowan at Gavinton, and Mum enjoyed the peace and quiet when everyone was out.

We all dined together as usual except that the meal was prepared by Maike from Germany. A pasta dish with egg through it and bits of bacon as well. It was very good.

In the evening I prepared the music for Arrochar and sent it off to Jamie. I caught up with the News (the referendum was knocked off the top by the allegations against Cliff Richard – I feel that anything I thought sacred is now under attack. But allegations are just that until there has been a legal examination and at present Cliff Richard hasn’t even been spoken to by the police – to read the internet one would think that he had already been tried and convicted.)

Mix and I went for our final walk – and so to bed.


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