Monday 18th. August, 2014 – And there was light! 

The wonderful moment this afternoon when the lights were turned on and we moved from a dull barn to a first-rate weaving facility, thanks to David and his work over recent weeks. I keep saying that once one is retired there are no longer any deadlines. In this case that wasn’t quite true as we are having a folk concert here on the 30th. August. Without David’s expertise that wouldn’t have happened – so we are very grateful to him

Woke, walked Mix and breakfasted on a strawberry left for me by Olive when she and Digger went off to Kirkcaldy this morning to attend the funeral of a friend and colleague from their days working in Fife College.

Rachel and I had wondered about working on the roof this morning but it was still very windy so we have left that for a day or two. I did go up to Pearsons and buy some more roofing felt so that we are all set for when the wind drops.

David arrived and did a power of work in the stables which, as my picture shows, are now illuminated. A job well done. I carried out a major reorganisation of the summer house and then started to copy all the information off hundreds of floppy discs which fill all the drawers in one of my desks. These are the discs which I used to save the music files for thirteen years of services at Arrochar Church. Somehow I never got around to having one folder with all of these files in it and it seems a shame not to collect together all of this music in one place.

It was a good piece of work to undertake today because it meant that I could listen to the Durham versus Lancashire cricket match on the computer as I worked. In fact Durham lost in the last over by one wicket but that was almost incidental as it was possibly the most exciting day’s cricket I have ever followed. It was quite, quite extraordinary and while Durham will have been devastated to lose, the game underlined the value of Paul Collingwood as captain yet again.

We all dined together in the farmhouse, eating up all of the left-overs accumulated during the recent stay of Olive’s guests. It was an excellent meal. Afterwards I did a bit more work on those music files – and there is still much more to be done – before watching New Tricks and the News before walking Mix and retiring to bed. It has been a good day.


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