Friday 5th. September, 2014 – One year and one day 

Just one year and one day after we arrived Tom sets up the sign with the name of the property over the entrance gate. It doesn’t look great in the photo but driving towards it, the black of the sign stands out against the sky and proudly proclaims Mount Pleasant Farm

Didn’t sleep much – Mix’s cough got worse and worse as the night went on. First thing in the morning we ‘phoned the vet and had Mix along at the Ramparts Animal Hospital by just after ten. A very kind vet came out to see Mix in the car so that he wasn’t stressed (he has a very bad record with vets) and so that if he was infectious he wouldn’t infect other dogs.

The conclusion of the consultation is that Mix may have developed some kind of kennel cough. He has been issued with a course of antibiotics and is also on children’s Benelin to sooth his throat. If he goes off his food or deteriorates he is to return at once but the vet expects that within five days he will be cured and should return in two weeks time for a further check up. Already by the end of today he seems to have improved but we are keeping a very careful eye on him – as is Rowan who also seems to have been concerned about his health.

Back home, I assisted Tom and David who were making up the barge-boards for the west end of the Bothy and then, after an extended lunch break during which I bought train tickets for a trip to London which Rachel and I have planned for November -- by purchasing now I got a really good deal -- we erected the barge-boards, discovering that this was quite a complicated manoeuvre (and much more difficult than the other end of the building) but now that it is done everything else is cosmetic. (Or that’s what Tom tells me.)

After an extended (everything here is extended now that we are retired) coffee break, I showered and then went off with Tom to a ‘Sing-for-your supper’ evening at Bill and Alison’s bed-and-breakfast home down by the river near Cranshaws. They are kind hosts and extremely welcoming as well as having a beautiful home. They arranged a varied musical programme for us supplemented by some excellent food, and those who were present clearly enjoyed themselves.

After driving home with Tom, I made my way to the Granary in time to watch the News and retire to bed after walking Mix who is so much better than he was this morning. Halleluiah!


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