Friday 19th. September, 2014 – We buy another tree 

Woke early and walked Mix before Joining Tom and Dorothy to drive into Berwick to collect the table and chairs I bought a couple of days ago. We loaded them onto the trailer and brought them back to Mount Pleasant via Duns where we dropped Dorothy off. Tom then brought the trailer to Mount Pleasant before going off to join Dorothy.

Back home I set about preparing music for Arrochar – it hadn’t arrived until Thursday this week and so I had little time to complete it because I will be away tomorrow. Once I had prepared the music and sent it off to Jamie I got my on-line diary in order – it too had suffered from too much living and not enough time to transcribe.

I grabbed a bit of lunch and then Rachel and I drove into Berwick – I seem to be across that border so many times each day at the moment – where Rachel chose a Maple tree to put in a large pot outside the door of the Granary – she feels that the entrance to the Granary is a bit boring and is trying to put that to rights. We also did a bit of shopping at Tesco.

Back at the Granary I helped Rachel get her tree organised and then did a bit of reading before supper. It was an early supper because Olive and Digger are off to Berwick to the Film Festival. Rachel and I sat down in front of the television with Mum and watched the film ‘Master and Commander’, a dramatisation of Patrick O’Brien’s first novel. I had seen it as soon as it came out but it was just as good a second-time around.

The big political events are that Alec Salmond has announced his retirement as First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party (about which I am sorry) and David Cameron seems to be distancing himself from the Vow he made to bring more powers under an agreed timetable to the Scottish Parliament (about which I am not surprised).

Walked Mix and went to bed.


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