Wednesday 24th. September, 2014 – Working Away! 

This evening the Bothy is illuminated in preparation for our laying of the floor over the next few days

Walked Mix before breakfast and then breakfasted in the farmhouse (eventually – no-one was awake when I went across the first time).

Tom and David arrived sharp on nine thirty and we spent a while over coffee chewing the fat and making plans. Then we moved into the Bothy and started preparing the earth for the floor. By the time we had completed that task it was lunchtime. Tom went off home while David and I tried to get Digger’s car sorted out. To cut a long story short, by the end of the day the car had gone through an MOT inspection and the work required will be completed tomorrow. The car will be ready for collection on Friday at 10 a.m. That is good news.

After coffee, Tom, David and I set off for Berwick where we bought the plastic sheeting which will cover the floor of the Bothy. We also bought some additional shuttering. Tomorrow we will fix the shuttering in place in readiness for a concrete delivery on Monday. Tom went off home to make the tea for his family while David and I had coffee with Mum while Olive and Digger were out visiting a Garden Centre. David now has lighting in the Bothy so we are ready to go.

After David left, Rachel returned from Barnoldswick where she has been painting the canal boat. Mix was very happy to see Rowan again. We all dined in the farmhouse before I took Mum into Duns to attend the first meeting of the Duns Guild for this new session. On the way I spied a lady in Nigerian costume and, as the subject of the meeting was Nigeria, I am assuming that she was the guest speaker.

Back home I watched television with Rachel with the stove adding heat to our lounge. We feel so at home and I still haven’t yet been retired for a year. How fortunate we have been. (We watched the first of a new series of Scott and Bailey before walking the dogs and retiring for the night to watch Newsnight in bed.)


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