Saturday 4th. October, 2014 – A stormy night 

It was quite a storm – but by this afternoon everything was back to normal, except that the colours have become quite autumnal

Last night was stormy! Every time I awoke it was because of the rain bouncing off the windows in our bedroom, and when I got up it seemed that everything was under water. I’m told that we had the driest September ever but that this one night in October has more than made up for it. Tom took Dorothy to the Station and because of flooding there were no trains travelling north from Berwick and everyone was having to transfer to a bus service. Tom told me that the roads were flooded as well and that many cars just couldn’t cope.

We had a bit of a panic here because the folk in Arrochar and Luss had forgotten to send me the music to prepare for Arrochar Church. However, they were quickly sent down and I prepared the files and sent them back to Jamie so they have them for tomorrow. Meanwhile Mum was also in a bit of a panic because the roof of the farmhouse has been leaking (it is due to be repaired this week) but with the torrential downpours of last night the damp had seeped down to the ground floor. Mum has moved up to Cathy’s room to sleep until the repairs are completed.

Tom and I enjoyed a coffee in the summer house and chewed the fat, before going up to Pearsons and enjoying some lunch. No point in taking on the weather when one is retired; we just went with the flow.

By mid afternoon the sun was shining and it was very beautiful. Mix and I went for a walk and when we got back I did a bit of sorting out of photos in the summer house before our evening meal with the family in the farmhouse.

Rachel and I (and the dogs) enjoyed a cosy Saturday evening in front of the fire and the television (we watched the first-ever edition of Jonathan Creek) and were in bed with books quite early.


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