Saturday 25th. October, 2014 – I couldn’t be more relaxed if I tried 

I saw this bag of flowers hanging from the desk in the kitchen and was taken not by the flowers (most of them cannot be seen as they are inside the bag) but by the sunlight which was coming in through the window. They are flowers which Rachel has gathered for Church in Gavinton tomorrow

Rose extremely late (it was after ten) and went for a walk with Mix. Returned and went to the summer house where I read until Scott and Sue arrived and then I joined them for an hour or so in the farmhouse over a sherry with Mum. Olive and Digger, and Rachel (independently) had gone off to a wool event in St. Abbs.

Afterwards Olive and Digger returned home to collect Mum and then set off for Edinburgh to wish Devon, Jeff’s partner, a happy birthday.

Rachel returned and then went off to Gavinton to do the flowers for tomorrow’s service. I continued reading my book about navigation in front of a fire in the lounge in the Granary. I had a spot of lunch and I checked my emails in a cursory fashion but most of all I enjoyed the heat and a good book.

Later we all dined in the farmhouse, all the wanders were back under one roof again, and in the evening I read some more, absorbed some more heat and walked Mix before setting off for another early night and in bed, you’ve guessed it, I’ll do a bit more reading of my book!


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