Tuesday 28th. October, 2014 – We start on the door 

Just before tea tonight Rachel called to me to come outside – there was a most stupendous sky: as red as I have ever seen. We have had stormy weather today and quite a bit of rain. It had recently stopped raining and maybe this is a sign that tomorrow the weather will be more settled

Up, walked Mix and breakfasted. Tom arrived early and we were soon at work on the bothy, our task for today to make a door and fit it – something which relied heavily on Tom’s considerable joinery talents.

By the end of the working day, the job was all but done. My picture shows the door screwed back, out of the doorway because it was important to try to keep it dry until it can be painted tomorrow.

You can’t really see the door but it is all there and once it has been painted it will be splendid. Tomorrow we have ironmongery to fit and there is still a gap at the right of the door to be filled and then some tidying up to be done. After that, it is on with the walls. We have ordered an excellent pine cladding which will look really good

Today Olive and Mum both went to have their hair done, Rachel and Digger were the drivers, and later in the day Mum went to her Tai Chi class while Rachel worked in the stables preparing for the kilt-making classes which will start next week.

Once Tom went off home for the day I set about gutting my bathroom, always a major task. Then it was time for supper (after standing and watching that spectacular sky). Finally, Rachel and I watched a Midsomer Murder before seeking the warmth and comfort of our bed, first having walked the dogs and put them to bed. It has been a really good day.


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