Friday 28th. November, 2014 --- Working on bookcases 

Mix is in seventh heaven lying in front of this heater in the Bothy. I remember the first night we had him, I lit a fire and Mix barked at it and shrunk off to a far corner of the room. Nowadays, if there is a heater or a fire Mix's place is right in front of it -- the hotter the better

Rose, walked Mix and breakfasted in the farmhouse. Tom arrived and later, David. David went off to Berwick to buy electric cable and plugs, Tom and I started assembling bookcases.

Meanwhile in the Stables, Rachel and Ann were running their kilt-making class, stopping for lunch half-way through the day – and Tom, David and I joined them to help them use all of the soup which Olive had made.

In the afternoon, David worked on the electrics (installing electric sockets) while I continued to work on the bookcases. Tom went off home with chores to fulfil. Before I knew it, it was six o’clock and time to eat in the farmhouse before relaxing in the Granary, around the stove, with Rachel and the television for company.

It will be more of the same tomorrow.


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