Tuesday 23rd. December, 2014 – A Strange Day 

Taken by surprise! I caught Rachel while she was sitting in the very fine bar at the Maltings Theatre in Berwick. She was reading the programme before we went in to the excellent production last night and looked up just as I pressed the shutter

Up and got organised quite slowly today – I don’t know why, but my bed was warm and welcoming and I didn’t have anything to do early in the morning. It is all so different from when I was working – I would have been so busy that I was just trying to get to Christmas Day. Do I miss it? Well, of course I do – but I certainly love being retired.

Rachel had set off early to go to Kelso to do some shopping. She phoned to say that she had remembered that she had an appointment for a scan with the mobile unit in Duns. She was in Kelso and the appointment was in ten minutes time! So I drove into Duns and made her apologies and they kindly suggested that she just get there as quickly as she could.

Later I drove into Berwick to do some shopping myself, visiting the main street in Berwick, the Tweedmouth complex and popping into Tesco before driving home. I took Mix up to the Co-op in Duns to complete my shopping and by the time I returned it was time for supper.

After supper I watched an episode of Foyle’s War. I had seen it before, but the themes are so well drawn and the filming so good that the episodes warrant a further viewing. I watched the News – the aftermath of the bin lorry crash in Glasgow is so sad and it all becomes so personal as the stories of the people involved begin to unfold.

I walked Mix and we went to bed. Tomorrow it will be Christmas Eve.


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