Friday 26th. December, 2014 – Boxing Day 

This is a picture I took yesterday just as Christmas Dinner was about to be served at Mount Pleasant. We are around the table and the light is just beginning to fade. We had a lovely meal and a very Happy Christmas

I slept in – well, that’s what one does on Boxing Day if one hasn’t planned to go to the sales. It seems from all accounts that the retail trade has done enormously well this year and that if the projections turn out to be correct then today a fortune will be spent as well. We aren’t contributing to all this buying this year – partly because Rachel has spent the last months making our Christmas presents, beautiful glass items made with each special recipient in mind, and partly because it would be crazy for us to start purchasing new things when we still haven’t unpacked what we have and discovered if there is anything we really, really need.

Today was another day for pottering. Tom arrived on his way home from Hartlepool and soon afterwards David arrived as well. So I put the coffee on ...

Later I took Mix for a walk and then just after five folk started to arrive for our Boxing day eating up of all that was left-over from yesterday with a bit new added for good measure. Tom and David joined Mum, Olive, Digger, Rachel and me and we ate and in the background played some disks with music from the sixties. This in turn led to a great deal of reminiscing and joyful chat which continued until it was time to go to bed. It had been another really good day. I can’t remember a better Christmas ... ever.


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