Sunday 18th. January, 2015 – A cold Sunday 

The flowers in Church this morning were provided by Mum and bought and put in the vase by Rachel (yesterday). They looked very good and it is a lovely thought that every week flowers are taken to folk who are elderly or ill in the community

Rose and walked Mix (it was very cold and quite wet). I drove Mum to Church – Rachel drove to Edinburgh where she met up with Ann and together they went to the SECC to an exhibition of folk who were running similar businesses to their own. They made several good contacts and Rachel came home at the end of the day full of plans.

After church I ran Bridget home (Rachel was away and Tom was not at Church as he was going to be the duty elder at Cranshaws). Normally I might have gone with Tom but I was the reader at the service in Gavinton (standing in for Rachel as she was away in Glasgow).

Mum and I returned home after coffee and it wasn’t long before I was setting out to Greenlaw, to the Memorial Hall, where I attended the hustings for the SNP candidate to represent our area in the General Election in May. I was fascinated because this is something I haven’t seen before. There were three prospective candidates, each one very different from the others and the event was thoroughly good humoured and positive. I enjoyed it very much.

Back home Rachel and I enjoyed a snack meal and then settled down to watch the new episode of Foyle’s War. It was excellent. I should have gone to bed at this point but first I watched the News and then I got engaged in a quiz programme which I had to see through to the end. Still, it has been a good day.


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