Sunday 15th. February, 2015 – Communion Sunday 

A lovely picture of the communion table, speckled with sun-light, and with the elements covered with their starched white napkins. Just as it should be ...

Walked Mix, showered and soon afterwards set off with Mum and Rachel for Gavinton Church and the service of Holy Communion. Afterwards we joined the congregation for coffee and then returned to Mount Pleasant with David who had coffee and took the lights on the cooker to bits before he set off for a music rehearsal with the Morris dancers.

We had a leisurely lunch in the farmhouse, after which I came across to the Bothy where I spent the afternoon getting everything in order for the Presbytery Business Committee next Thursday. David returned in the late afternoon to fit new bulbs in the cooker and, on her return from Evensong in Berwick, Rachel was delighted.

We all got together to watch Mr. Selfridge and then I watched a bit of cricket before getting to bed – it will be an early start tomorrow, Simon the plasterer will be here However, India have made a good start against the West Indies with two quick wickets – ominously, Chris Gayle is still at the crease.


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