Monday 2nd. March, 2015 – Running Around 

A clean car

I was up and had walked Mix in time to be in the Bothy and at work by half past seven. Soon after eight Tom arrived and he drove, with me following in my car, to St. Boswell’s so that my car could be examined under a recall notice to do with the steering. Given that I have just completed 100,000 miles I would have thought that had there been a problem it would have become apparent before now.

From St. Boswell’s (my car left behind to be examined) we drove to Gavinton to meet with the steeple-jacks who were expected to complete a repair on the lightning conductor. They weren’t there so Tom ‘phoned their office and they will arrive, we are told, later today.

We drove to Cranshaws where we helped Ann and Jack’s son David empty the barns into a skip and had lunch with them all before returning to empty a lorry load of wood for the floors in Tom’s house in to the house. Only by the time we arrived the wood had been unloaded and transported into the house by the tradesmen working on Tom’s house. We couldn’t have planned it better – that’s not right, of course, we did try to be there in time.

Now we set off to have a second shot at seeing the steeple-jacks. They were in their van behind the church, fast asleep – waking quickly as Tom approached. In fact they weren’t here to carry out the repair, just to clean out the gutters. It seemed strange to me.

Now Tom drove me back to St. Boswell’s where I picked up my car. It had been checked and found to have had no problem. I didn’t recognise the vehicle as it had been power cleaned. I drove home feeling very swanky and the car obviously felt good too, having been washed for the first time since I got it.

We dined in the farmhouse and in the evening I watched University Challenge and then the first episode of a Martin Clunes series about Connal Doyle. It looks as though it will be a good series. Then it was time to walk the dogs before Newsnight and bed.


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