Wednesday 4th. March, 2015 – Off to Cranshaws and to the Theatre 

Rachel's new study is beginning to take shape

I was up early and walked Mix before setting off to Tom’s for half-past eight. He and I went up to Cranshaws to help with the final stages of getting Ann off to her new home. David arrived to take down some light fittings and we also went into the Church to do some checks that were required.

Drove back home and helped Rachel build bookcases in her new study, walked Mix and returned to complete the final bookcases (we put up eight in all) before setting off for Berwick to attend the streaming of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ or, as they preferred to call it, ‘Love’s Labour’s Won’ (it was presented in conjunction with ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ which we thoroughly enjoyed last month). It don’t care what they call it, it was absolutely superb – I thought that I had seen the best Shakespeare ever several times over during this last twelve-month but this surpassed them all. It is a wonderful play, beautifully presented and the audience loved it.

I came home raving about it and then settled in to watch Scotland playing Bangladesh. Now, I couldn’t stay up all night because I have duties tomorrow but I did stay up for the whole of Scotland’s innings; so I saw Kyle Coezer’s 156 and Scotland’s 318. I went to bed quite optimistic about the result that would await me in the morning.


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