Friday 27th. March, 2015 – an Away Day to Visit Sang and his puppies 

It is less than three days since Bramble was born and here she is sitting in Rachel’s hand while Ella looks on protectively

Rose, walked Mix and set off with Rachel to visit Sang in Alloa. We stopped off in the town to buy some bits and pieces for a snack lunch and then descended on the Manse. Sang was busy nurse-maiding his seven puppies. Ella, the mother, was in total control and very happy and maternal. Wittgenstein, the father, was running around and constantly reminded me of Rowan with his mannerisms and behaviour.

Rachel loved seeing the puppies and there is one waiting for us – Rowan’s little sister – soon to be named Bramble. (Bramble because it is from the same genre as Rowan but also because it sounds different from both Mix and Rowan, and with three dogs that will be important.)

We drove home arriving back about 5.30 p.m. Of course there were things waiting for me to do for presbytery and then I had to walk Mix so I was a bit late for tea (and it was stovies, which I love).

In the evening we wanted to watch a film and we had settled on one called ‘The Man in the Tall Castle’ not realising that this was just part one of a series. It was, however, quite interesting, being set in America in 1962 with the premise that Germany and Japan had won the second World War. I’ll look forward to seeing more of the series as it becomes available. Instead we watched the Mrs. Brown film which Rachel loved.

Walked the dogs and went to bed. It has been a very good day.


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