Sunday 29th. March, 2015 – Palm Sunday 

I took this snap of Annie, one of the stalwarts of Gavinton Church, outside Longformacus Village Hall where we enjoyed our palm Sunday service this morning

The clock went forward but even so I managed to get up and hour earlier than I had intended and it was before eight (new time) that Mix and I were wandering along the country roads which were totally quiet, absolutely deserted. It was rather good.

New Zealand, having played magnificently right through the world cup, let themselves down a bit in the final and did not even manage to assemble two hundred runs, nor to bat out their allotted fifty overs. Of course, I could equally record that Australia played particularly well – and that is certainly true. So it is Australia’s prize but New Zealand have done well.

We set off at nine twenty (BST) and arrived at Longformacus just twenty minutes later, the tom-tom having found a quicker route than that we normally use. There was a good congregation (twenty-three, I think) in the village hall and a good Palm Sunday Service led for us by Stephen, followed by coffee and chat.

On the way home I checked where Lanark Lodge was (for the trip on Tuesday) and then with help from Rachel loaded another eight boxes of books into the Bothy before lunch (which was later than usual at 2 p.m. because Olive had students this morning).

The rest of the day was spent unloading books and stacking shelves – a lengthy business but we are making progress. (I had intended to work on the boat but unfortunately it rained for most of the afternoon).

I stopped in the evening for a snack and then to watch Mr.Selfridge, the series ended tonight and unlike Downton Abbey felt that it will readily bear another series. I watched the News before bed (after walking Mix).


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