Tuesday 7th. April, 2015 – Presbytery 

Ann arrived to stay overnight and so that she and Rachel can plan their second kilt-making course -- after the enormous success of their first course. There will be a new level one course starting in a week's time and also a new level two course to be slotted in as well

Up and walked Mix and soon afterwards Alan arrived to talk through the business for Presbytery this evening. Alan is the Business Convener and has been keeping me right – soon he will take over as Moderator in his fortieth year in his current charge, after which he will retire.

I walked Mix in the afternoon (I have to present myself to my life-style adviser at the end of the week and she is expecting to see me having lost some weight).

Soon it was time to make my way to Duns Church to get things ready for the Presbytery meeting and then to share in that meeting. It lasted about ninety minutes and was a perfectly normal presbytery meeting with most of the committees reporting and a brief foray into private to hear a local church review – it wasn’t that there was anything untoward with the report, just that in this presbytery these reports are always heard in private.

On the way home, my treat, I bought a sausage supper (what will my life-style adviser make of that)! Then I watched the Scottish leader’s debate and the bits and pieces of analysis which followed. I wasn’t enormously impressed by this debate. Of course Nicola Sturgeon didn’t get everything her own way as she had in the debate with the UK leaders last week but I thought that she did well and I didn’t really think that anyone did badly. I did think that this programme was a bit ‘all-over-the-place’ and that this was largely because it was not particularly well moderated but afterwards everyone seemed to think that their own particular favourite had done well.

And so, after walking Mix, to bed.


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