Thursday 9th. April, 2015 – Cleaning the Boat, finally! 

With the summer suns staring to hit the summer house I realised that it will soon be time to open it up again and resume summer living. I suppose that it could have been used right through the winter but in reality it has become a store until the upstairs in the Hen House has been completed. There isn't a lot to do -- it's just finding time to do it!

Up and walked Mix, and then Rachel and I set about cleaning Olivebank, working through until it was time for a late lunch.

We were both quite tired out by all of the exertion and so took the rest of the afternoon more restfully – I took Mix for a walk, we dined in the farmhouse and in the evening we watched the penultimate episode of Bannished. It is extremely hard-going – and that is not meant as a criticism of the play – it just is a vicious, cruel, impossibly hard situation for convicts newly transported to Australia and to the troops who are there to guard them. At the end of the episode Rachel said that we should turn on to the News for some light relief!

And it felt like that although there was still endless discussion about the election now that there is just one month to go until we all cast our votes. The you-gov poll out tonight shows that 49% of Scots are now supporting the SNP with 25% supporting Labour; we also learned that 56% of those polled believed that Nicola Sturgeon had ‘won’ the Tuesday evening’s debate (Ruth Davidson 14%, Jim Murphy 13%) with results not yet announced for the debate last night, which all goes to show, as I wrote earlier, that people think that their own preferred candidate did best – they were those kinds of debate.

I tidied up my eating diary and my exercise report for my life-style adviser tomorrow morning, walked Mix and went to bed.


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