Friday 1st. May, 2015 -- May Day and Mix's Twelfth Birthday 

Today Rachel fitted up this panel on the window in my Bothy. She was away this morning at her glass class and is clearly in the glass-fixing mood. It's beautiful and all over Mount Pleasant new glass masterpieces are appearing

My goodness so we have now had Mix with us for a bit over three years! How he has settled down and how happy he is. Today Digger got his car back from the garage and the Bongo got its tyre repaired – not a puncture in its case but corrosion of the wheel rim which we were able to get fixed without too much trouble by the firm in Berwick.

I worked in the morning and then spent the afternoon with David – sorting cars as indicated above and during which David discovered that the brake pipe which has broken in the Toyota is not one of the flexible hoses but one of the fixed hoses. We have arranged that it will be dealt with on Tuesday by our garage and until then I have the use of the Bongo! So now we have three working vehicles again!

Yesterday, I learned, David had been to Newcastle to collect a bit for the trailer for the boat. The plan had been to fix that today but time having been taken up in other directions this has been put on the agenda for tomorrow.

Soon it was time for supper after which I retired to the Bothy to leave the Granary for Rachel to watch television while I followed the Test Match on my computer. I came back in to watch the News (more elections) and soon it was time for bed (after walking Mix who also got an extra evening walk immediately after supper to celebrate the fact that it was his birthday.)


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