Friday 26th to Monday 29th March, 2021 

This entry covers this last weekend. I have been hard at work from first thing in the morning until last thing at night trying to get ready for Holy Week and Easter. Tonight we had our first Holy Week Service and the picture above shows Tom getting the South Aisle ready for the service. (Don't worry, unless they were in a bubble, folk had to leave two seats between them to comply with the rules!) And we did have the whole of the rest of the Church to use as well.

Tonight we looked at the cleansing of the Temple from the Biblical account of this day in Holy Week. We decided not to use hymns (we are not allowed to sing) so instead we used the music of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. I enjoyed the service very much.

Yesterday our church re-opened for Palm Sunday. We had a good attendance which was hugely encouraging and it felt like a lovely service. Back home I had to spend the rest of the day recording services for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week and by the end of the day the service for Monday was edited and uploaded. Today I edited the service for Tuesday and wrote the service for Easter Sunday in Church. We can't really have communion so I have written a meditation on Communion to share with my folk.

Moving backwards, I spent all day Friday writing services for Church and for our online presence. By the end of the day I had all of the live services for the week prepared and I have written an online service for Monday. And so I moved into Saturday and in the morning I prepared online service for Tuesday and Wednesday -- the ones which I recorded on Sunday. I spent the afternoon at Church with Tom, Dorothy and Rachel as we prepared for a mock live-stream tomorrow. Everything takes a long time to design and create but we will be ready for our first live-stream on Easter morning.

To move forward to Sunday, Dorothy's live-stream was very good. The pictures were super and the general sound was great. What didn't work was the sound from me. I was wearing a lapel microphone and it clashed with the general microphone. But we will have it right by next Sunday!

The other excitement was today when I was summoned to the Stables to provide the muscle for the loading of the warp onto the weaving loom for Rachel and Sandy's next project which is weaving some Bruce tartan for a private order.(The picture above was after Sandy had set everything up -- all we had to do was wind the bottom roller round and round and wind the warp onto it. It was really heavy! Happy days.

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