Sunday 6th. October, 2013 -- My First Retirement Sunday 

Mum and Rachel outside Gavinton Church

Up and walked the dog and then had breakfast in the farmhouse before setting off with Mum and Rachel to Gavinton Church (just four minutes up the road and recommended by Tom and Dorothy). We were made very welcome and I loved the service conducted by the minister Ann Inglis and based on the lectionary readings for today: “We have Mums and Grandmums – we need more Timothys.”

Joined the congregation for coffee in the small hall beside the Church and learned that we are probably not in Gavinton parish (the boundary seems to run down the middle of the road which passes our door and we are on the other side). But we are welcome nonetheless!

Outside the Church Hall

Back home Tom and I got the television set we had bought assembled and fitted on to the wall. Just before two the Sky engineer arrived and by half past two we had television again. I walked Mix and watched television (!) before doing some tidying in the study – I still haven’t started opening boxes – and then we all dined together in the farmhouse (toad in the hole – my favourite).

Everyone came across to the Granary to watch Downton Abbey on our new television set and afterwards it wasn’t long before we went to bed. A really lovely Sunday.


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