Tuesday 2nd. September, 2014 – Certainly not what I expected 

This evening I was in Coldstream Church for the annual Presbytery Service of Holy Communion conducted by the retiring Presbytery Moderator, the Reverend David Taverner. I enjoyed the service very much indeed but I was surprised and more than a little disappointed by how few members of the Presbytery of Duns were present

Up and walked Mix before breakfasting in the farmhouse. Joined David and helped him run power cables from the Stables to the Bothy before he went off for another appointment. I started to make some sense of all of the computer mayhem I have been through last week before driving Rachel to Duns to get her Bongo which had successfully completed its MOT test. I visited the bank to sort out my finances and then returned to Mount Pleasant where Rachel and I started to sort out the Hen House because David thought that he had seen a squirrel there. It may be so but we haven’t found it yet. It will provide the impetus to have the hen house cleared more quickly.

Late in the afternoon I showered, grabbed something to eat and then drove to Coldstream to attend the first meeting of the session of Duns Presbytery. There was little business apart from the service and I was taken aback by how few people were present.

I drove home in time to listen to the latest referendum debate on television. It reminded me that when I was in Duns earlier today I was greeted by people who were campaigning for a Yes vote – they are the first actual campaigners I have seen during the run in to the referendum.

I watched the News and then walked Mix before bed. I had thought that today would be a gentle day in which I sat on a deck chair and listened to the cricket. In fact the cricket match between India and England passed me by totally (India won easily) but I did get involved in the Durham versus Nottingham match which will reach its conclusion tomorrow, both sides go into tomorrow with much to play for.

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