Tuesday 11th. November, 2014 At work in Canterbury 

This is the view from my room in the Canterbury Cathedral Guest House -- the entrance to the Guest House in front and then directly behind, the Cathedral itself, imposing itself on all around

Rose early and showered before breakfast in the Guest House restaurant. I ordered the full English breakfast and wasn’t disappointed. We started work at nine-thirty (breaking just before eleven to be part of the Ceremony of Remembrance), continued through a buffet lunch before moving across to the conference room in the Guest House to complete our discussions. In the early afternoon we all went for a walk (partly to clear our heads and partly to continue the discussions in smaller groups).

Today we discussed the shape of the organisation in the future, funding priorities, action points for the next year and so on. It was an extremely positive meeting and towards the end I made a presentation regarding Bede’s World and St. Paul’s Church in Jarrow as part of a proposal that they become part of the Green Pilgrimage Network. There was enthusiasm about their work and agreement that they will become part of our network, something I will sort out once I get back up north.

Again we attended Evensong which, again, I really enjoyed. Now we were taken as guests of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation for a meal and then, a real treat, we went back to the Cathedral, now closed, to be taken on a candle-lit pilgrimage through the Cathedral. It was a moving experience and an appropriate end to our two days together.

I went back to my room, phoned home (Mix is still behaving) and I quickly fell asleep.

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