Saturday 3rd. May, 2014 – Quite an uneventful day 

This afternoon Rachel cut the grass in the garden behind the Granary. It may not look much in the picture but it had got totally overgrown and after another cut it will be back to being really smart

I slept in – quite deliberately – and Rachel brought me coffee in bed after she had walked Rowan down through the woods.

I got up and then Mix and I walked to Fogo and from there down to the River Blackadder behind the Church. Only then did we turn and walk back to Mount Pleasant. I had some lunch and then spent the afternoon in the summer house catching up on some reading and enjoying not having too much to do. Rachel was the energetic one, cutting the grass in the garden behind the Granary. However, as she is unable to start a power lawnmower, she was constantly calling me to come and start it up for her – much to the disgust of Mix who on one occasion, sensing that we were all otherwise occupied, set off on a walk to Duns along the main road. I caught up with him quite quickly but not before he had stopped all of the traffic – people here are very good about animals.

Digger continued on his dome, Mum went for a drive with her friend Annie and Olive dismantled the contents of the big sideboard in the farmhouse lounge. Nothing of great moment, which is really rather nice.

We all dined together in the farmhouse kitchen and afterwards I dozed in front of a Midsomer Murder before walking Mix and going to bed. It has been a good day (and Dundee won the Scottish Football Championship, gaining promotion to the Premier League next season. I’m told that the cup with which they were presented was last presented to Dundee in 1962 after a 3 – 0 victory over St. Johnstone in Perth. I was at that game and I can remember it like yesterday.)

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