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      • Friday 26th. February, 2021

        I told you a couple of days ago that I spent a large part of the day setting up Rachel's website and installing pages which Rachel could then adapt. Well, here she is sitting at her laptop doing just that. There are long periods of silence during which she is obviously making good p

      • Thursday 25th. February, 2021

        For those who have just rejoined me, I'm filling in the gaps left during the time I forgot that I had a blog which I had abandoned! I'd been working through my normal week in lockdown and I got to Thursday which, of course, started as always with dog-walking.

        My tas

      • Wednesday 24th.February, 2021 Catching Up.

        This is a continuation of the entry immediately before this one. You'll remember that I was describing to you our weekly routine and I reached Tuesday. So I have arrived at today. Again we walked the dogs around the field across the road -- Rachel got into conversation with someone

      • Hello!

        Like everyone else in Scotland, I am in lockdown. I have developed a routine and I'll share it with you but first let me tell you how I come to be updating this blog today. Rachel has decided that she wished to bring her Borders Kilt Craft website up to date but, of course, she hadn

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