Thursday 18th. March, 2021 

Busy day today! Up and walked the dogs before getting out the jump leads and starting Rachel's car. Tom arrived and we sorted out a small church problem relating to central church bureaucracy. Then we took Rachel's car to have a new battery fitted by Keith at Crunklaw Garage and popped in to see Jenny at Pearson's where we bought some wood stain and sandpaper for the Stations of the Cross which Rachel is making for one of our Holy Week Services.

I took part in a Church of Scotland ministers' Zoom webinar all about live-streaming which I found quite interesting. Made lunch of sausage and egg (well, sausages and eggs) and then spent the afternoon preparing Holy Week services for real live services in Church. There was a brief break while I drove Rachel into Duns to collect her car.

We all dined at the farmhouse (where I took this picture). Mum would have told me off for leaving the HP sauce on the table but we had steak pie and roast potatoes and turnip -- and Rachel loves HP sauce.

In the evening I joined in a Zoom with the Board of Legerwood Parish Church. All of our thoughts are turning to Easter. It is going to be special this year!

Caught up with the News and exercised the dogs before bed.

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