Wednesday 24th. March, 2021 

This morning Sandy and Rachel began work on setting up the weaving loom in the Stables so that they can weave a number of Bruce tartan travelling rugs. I popped in from time to time to see how they were getting on and to take the occasional picture! Up above you can see the wool as it arrived set up on the spigots from which it will be wound onto the frame on the wall behind. I gather the skill is in knowing how much is required to be wound out for each strand of the number of rugs to be woven.

In the picture above you can see the frame taking shape with the first coloured thread having been wound onto it.

And here above are some of the completed hanks of thread. On Friday it will be the same again with a view to having sufficient by next Tuesday to start putting the threads onto the loom. I'll try to get some more pictures to show you how it is all done. I promise you that it is fascinating! (I'll maybe also try to learn some of the technical terms.)

And my day? Well I spent all day preparing a series of five Holy Week Services to be used from Monday to Friday next week in Church. That's just one short sentence but it was one long day of work. This afternoon Rachel started preparing musical files for these services. Seeing we can't sing in Church I'm going to use classical music to support the words that are used. I'm enjoying putting it all together and I hope folk find the services helpful.

As I write I'm half-listening to Newsnight. Then I'll walk the dogs and it will be time for bed.

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