Sunday 21st. March, 2021 

Yesterday I told you that my Master had introduced me to that famous photographer, Molly. Today Molly sent some new pictures of the church to my Master. I could see that he was very pleased with them and I have got him to put one at the head of my blog for today. This is Snowball, 'the dog with two names', reporting. (aka Daisy.) I don't know what you think, but I don't think a dog called Daisy would be able to write a blog, do you? But a dog called Snowball, that's quite another matter.

Today we all went for our walk. Bramble and I were very good and Ditto had to behave because he was on a lead. Rowan was with my Mistress so I don't know how she behaved. I am always a very good dog and especially today because it is Sunday.

After we had our breakfast it was time for church which we have to watch on tv just now. My Master and Mistress and I all sat on the sofa and watched the service while Bramble and Ditto each sat on one of the comfy chairs -- I think Ditto dozed off during the service. Rowan slept behand the stove -- she isn't very religious and didn't seem to mind missing the service even although it was our master who was doing the speaking.

After the service there was a Coffee and Zoom meeting and lots of people from the church all met on Zoom and chatted to each other. Many of them had coffee but we just had to watch. There were lots of dogs. Julia had a very wooly little dog and Gill was lucky enough to have one of us, a Collie. She must be very happy. I saw that Alison was a very polite lady because she had to get up and go and open the door to let her Labrador come in. I like humans who have been well-trained.

After the Zoom we went for lunch at the Farm House. My Master was very happy because there were stovies. I was very happy because my master was very happy and I was right to be happy for after lunch my Master took me to church where we did some more preparation for 'live-streaming'. We now have the pictures (the cameras) working well and we will be able to edit the pictures well. We also have the sound working well and today we also started making pictures and printing the words of hymns on them and loading them into our special editing and streaming machine. I let my Master do this because it was making him happy. But I sat at his feet and when he got stressed I let him stroke my ears until he was relaxed again.

We came back home and my Master wrote a bit for the local paper telling everyone that we will be back in church next Sunday. Everyone is very excited but I will miss sitting with my Master and watching Church. (Rowan won't. She will still be able to go to sleep behind the stove.) Maybe I will soon be allowed to go to church for the service. I could sit in the gallery when Dorothy does the 'live-streaming' and I could keep her company. I would like that. And I could listen to my master doing the speaking: I would like that.

We had tea (after my Master had fed Fred). The humans had mushrooms on toast; we dogs had what they call 'dog food' to make sure they don't eat it themselves -- they know it is too good for mere humans, although I wouldn't grudge my humans a little of our special food. They are very good to us.

We all got warm in front of the stove and we watched the new Midsummer Murders before the news, our trip outside and then bed. What a lucky dog I am!

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